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Registration Info

Registrations: You must send the Game Code from the Registration menu when purchasing. All newer versions have a special Game Code. If you are purchasing on-line, put the Game Code in the "Game Code...." section of the on-line form.

Online payments: Pretty straightforward. Just fill in all the blanks and click the "Continue" button. Make sure to fill in your Game Code in the "Additional Comments..." area.

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Getting your registration code: If paying by cash, credit card, money order or First Virtual, the Registration Code will be sent to you as soon as payment is received. If paying by check or eCheck, it will be sent as soon as the check clears the bank. Your registration code will be sent via email. If you have not received it within 48 hours (online orders only), see if you are listed on our registration code web page.

Important Note: We MUST have your Game Code to issue a registration number!

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About Gypsy King Software:

Gypsy King Software, the dream child of Irish-Italian gypsy Sharon Delarose, produces shareware games for the Macintosh and Windows. Our shareware games often feature gypsies and fortune tellers, the most noted being Madame Murghi who currently resides in Poker Dice. Snuggled around our feet is the company mascot Dakota, who spurred us to write many a dog tale. We rescued her from the dog pound and she turned our world upside down.