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Pork Barrel Question Page

  • Compatibility with OS9
    Pork Barrel 1.6 adds compatibility for OS9. If you have OS9 and version 1.6 and are still experiencing difficulties, please let us know.

  • Why am I getting a high score of -0-?
    As president, your goals are long-term. Most major goals cannot be accomplished in 6 months. Therefore in the unregistered version it is difficult to score. Also, there are penalties for leaving office early for any reason: assassination, impeachment, lynch mob, comet, blowing up the world, even retiring has a penalty. And remember, your final score is multiplied by your popularity rating. So if your popularity rating is anything less than 100%, your score will take a hit. My highest score in the registered version is 2899.

  • Tips for playing the unregistered version:
    Don't bother to fund research or build the space program. Your term isn't long enough to complete these projects.

  • Sometimes the sounds and visual effects get hung up. Why?
    If your processor speed is fast and you get trigger happy with the ENTER key, zooming around the board without reading the dialogs etc., sometimes a sound may not play or a visual effect may not happen or a picture may not appear. You haven't blown up the game. You just didn't give it time to do its thing. Those effects will happen the next time you land on that game square, unless you're still trigger happy.

  • Two days passed in a row. Why?
    A day passes when you land on the Dollar Sign. Several days pass if you land in jail. With every roll of the dice, there is the possibility of a day passing, so if you were on the Dollar Sign two days would pass. In other words, this is normal.

  • Nothing appeared in the informational text box. Why?
    Usually if the choice has no effect, it will not appear. Such as choosing to keep a budget item at its current spending level rather than raising or lowering it. Not all things appear in the text box.

  • The game freezes on me. What can I do?
    If you experience freezes, you can exit the freeze by hitting Command-Period. (The command key is the same as the Apple key.) If your monitor is set to thousands or millions of colors, try setting it to 256. This may prevent freezes as well. Also, make sure you have the latest version, which is 1.6. Previous versions have bugs that may cause freezes.

  • When I try to buy programs, the game crashes.
    This was indeed a bug. Download the latest version, which is 1.6.

  • When I choose About Pork Barrel in the Apple menu, the game crashes.
    This was indeed a bug. Download the latest version, which is 1.6.

  • I'm having trouble with the basketball or football:
    When the basketball or football bounces, you click once anywhere in the window, to stop the ball from bouncing. Then you click on the ball, do not hold the mouse button down to drag the ball, just click on it, and it will follow the cursor around the screen. Choose a game square, and click on it, to "aim" the ball at that square.

About Gypsy King Software:

Gypsy King Software, the dream child of Irish-Italian gypsy Sharon Delarose, produces shareware games for the Macintosh and Windows. Our shareware games often feature gypsies and fortune tellers, the most noted being Madame Murghi who currently resides in Poker Dice. Snuggled around our feet is the company mascot Dakota, who spurred us to write many a dog tale. We rescued her from the dog pound and she turned our world upside down.